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Dear Members of the Biola University Family:  Students, Faculty, Staff, Administration, Board of Directors, and Biola Supporters:

We come to you humbly as both proud members of the Biola community, and as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer/questioning  (LGBTQ) community (also referred to as gender, sexual, and romantic minorities) or as allies of the LGBTQ community. Our voices are a living, breathing part of Biola’s diverse community. 

The Biola LGBTQ community and its allies are a diverse group of students, alumni, staff, and faculty. There are many of us, and like any large group, there are a variety of perspectives among us. Throughout our journeys, some of us came to believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with being a Christian and identifying as LGBTQ. Others hold different views or are still contemplating their sexual or gender identity. Although we do not all agree on the theological implications of same-sex relationships and non-binary gender identities, we are unified in agreement that our LGBTQ siblings in Christ deserve to be treated with respect, and that there is much work to be done to make Biola—its community and family—a safer, more respectful place for those with LGBTQ experiences.  Because of this, we write to each of the following groups in love, with the expectation that you will understand our concerns and move into respectful, open dialogue on complex issues surrounding human sexuality and gender.

In this vein, we ask that you treat us with respect, as we are fully human, just as you are.  Stand up for us when you see us being bullied or harassed, or when insensitive or verbally abusive jokes are made about us by students, professors, pastors, and other members of the church. Speak up for us in classes when you hear something about us that you know is not true, unkind, or abusive.  We may have similar hopes and dreams as the ones you carry. Many of us want to fall in love, some want to have a family, and we all want to feel safe in our communities and places of worship. Many of us are pursuing these dreams and goals, just like you.

At the heart of this discussion lies the question of whether we (and the larger Biola community) believe that homosexuality or identifying as trans* is a sin.  However, there are a growing number of scholars who do not agree with the interpretations of Scripture used by many in the Evangelical community as they relate to same-sex relationships and gender roles as we know them today. Biblical interpretation has changed over the years, even in the Evangelical community.  There are many important social issues to which the church has changed their response, such as slavery/segregation, inter-racial marriage, the role of women, the situational appropriateness of divorce and remarriage, and whether Gentiles were eligible to be considered part of the Kingdom of God.  On each of these issues, at one point, the church had near unanimity of opinion and thought the Bible was “clear”,  and then, over time and through much painful deliberation, changed its mind to almost the exact opposite view.  Often, it is easy to read a passage with one’s own preferred interpretation, but this has had tragic consequences for those to whom these verses are applied.  In this case, the preferred interpretation by some within the Biola community is applied to us as LGBTQ people with tragic consequences. We ask those whose initial response to this letter may be argumentative or dismissive on Biblical grounds to consider the historical changes above as we move forward in discussing same-sex relationships and trans* issues. 

To the Biola Queer Underground and current LGBTQ Students: 


You are not alone. Our feelings, our desires, and our sexual or gender identity are shared by others within the Biola community. Our desires for companionship, intimacy, and love are not shameful.  Many of us have only heard a one-sided explanation of these issues which often brought guilt and shame to our formative experiences at Biola.  Most of us who identify as LGBTQ also felt isolated, confused, and compelled to fight our same sex attractions or gender identity. However, in our post-Biola lives, those of us who are alumni have learned to face the complex nature of ourselves in transparent ways with God and/or those we love. Some of us have married, have families of our own, and have embraced an identity as LGBTQ. A few others have chosen celibacy or other routes entirely. Each person must find their own resolution and peace before God. Regardless of the path you will take, know that we care about you and will walk with you on the often scary journey involved with sexual orientation and gender identity questions.  We also commend you for your courage by making the Biola LGBTQ community known. We know that it is much easier for those of us who are alumni to say these things, as we do not currently reside directly within Biola. And therefore we stand with you and will fight for you.

To Allies of the LGBTQ Community Who Have Not Voiced Their Support: 


Please come out in support of LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  We all need to know you are here.  Many of us as LGBTQ students and alumni experience judgment, condemnation, and bullying, and we need to know who will be safe for us to talk to, and who is willing to treat us with love, care, and respect. Whether you are a student, faculty member, administrator, or otherwise connected to the Biola community, LGBTQ students and alumni need to know you exist.   

To the Biola Administration, the Human Sexuality Committee, and the Board of Directors: 

We realize this is a difficult topic to address, and yet we come with the expectation that it is time to see changes in the ways Biola handles LGBTQ topics.  We also recognize and appreciate your attempts at increasing attention toward human sexuality and gender issues and are aware that Biola has developed a committee on “Sexual Identity Conversations.”  Our understanding is that this committee has facilitated at least 12 different opportunities for dialogue at Biola during the 2012-2013 school calendar, though most of these discussions were exclusively for Biola faculty and staff.  We are also grateful for recent efforts the university has made to listen and engage in respectful dialogue with LGB alumni; we feel this is an extremely positive development. However, we expect much more. And we know you can do better.

As an academic institution, Biola must allow for a range of opinions to be expressed, objectively inform students about sexual orientation and gender, and expand capacity for genuine discussions. To fail to include other perspectives is not living up to the academic integrity we expect from an institution like Biola. Previous efforts by Biola to hold “dialogue” on these topics, such as the “Sexuality Matters” forum, and chapels or conversations with psychologists who hold only to a more theologically conservative perspective, have been inadequate for a university setting. Presentation of only one side of the debate and including only the perspectives of heterosexual and cis-gender (someone whose assigned sex at birth matches their gender identity) panelists does not meet the rigorous standards of a liberal arts education or the title of  “University”.  This is not “dialogue.” Additionally, we call upon Biola to hold a higher level of integrity in choosing guest speakers who represent more than just the “ex-gay,” “reparative therapy,” and “celibacy only” perspectives. Recently, Biola has shown a willingness to hear from a few gay and lesbian alumni. We strongly encourage Biola to expand their listening sessions to include the bisexual, trans*, and queer/questioning members of our community, as they may have a different, but no less important, experience in the area of sexual and gender identity than those of us who are exclusively gay/lesbian and/or cis-gendered.  Understanding these different aspects of the people within the LGBTQ community will serve to expand the learning of faculty, staff, and students.   This understanding will also do more to prepare students to thoughtfully engage perspectives on LGBTQ issues, and to create a “Safe Space,” both in and outside of Biola, for those who may be wrestling to understand or questioning their sexual/gender identity. Additionally, we call upon Biola, in the spirit of academic integrity, to allow faculty and staff to express opinions in support of LGBTQ students and issues without risk of losing their jobs, promotions, tenure, or professional standing.


We recognize that the increase in attention toward LGBTQ issues would not have happened without the courageous actions of the Biola Queer Underground (BQU). We affirm and support the BQU for its “strong commitment to make Biola a safer, saner and more welcoming environment for students of all sexual orientations and genders.” We also recognize that many in the BQU cannot reveal their identities due to the current hostility within the campus climate and structural policies that single them (and us) out with a greater degree of scrutiny than what is shown to heterosexual and cis-gender students. We stand together to say that this two-tiered society is not acceptable.  And we expect that the administration will work to remove the negative messages that LGBTQ students still receive at Biola.  Many students have reported that (in classes, dorms, and within the larger Biola community as a whole) one’s psychological, educational, and/or financial standing will be threatened if they are open about their orientation or identity. Many have listened to professors joke in classes and in public about the LGBTQ community in ways that are denigrating and disrespectful.  Many of us know from our own experiences that the fear of expulsion and other consequences creates an environment in which LGBTQ students often feel forced to be dishonest about their struggles and hide from those around them. We expect a day when the BQU will be able to remove the word “Underground” from its title and be able to thrive without fear in a Biola environment that welcomes, celebrates, and affirms LGBTQ diversity.

We are glad you have made steps to recently recognizing the presence of trans*  students by working on a transgender policy. We urge you as you develop this policy, to recognize these students as another part of the beautiful diversity of God's creation. We hope that you will treat them with the dignity and respect that every human being deserves. Remember that trans* students often feel incredible discomfort with their own bodies on top of the feelings of depression that often result from isolation caused by the inability to discuss what they are going through with their families or peers. Any policies that would punish or single-out those with trans* identities will only add to the anguish and social isolation already experienced by many trans* persons.  However, we also want you to understand that our trans* members are a courageous and resilient group, and are an equally important part the Biola LGBTQ Alumni. From them, many of us have learned a lot about courage, justice, love, strength, and perseverance.

As noted above, isolation, hiding, prejudice, and rejection take a significant emotional toll on all of us in the LGBTQ community. There is a large body of psychological research that demonstrates that LGBTQ persons who experience rejection from peers, family and religious communities are at increased risk for suicide and depression (up to 9 times more), increased rates of substance abuse, victimization, and bullying as a result of rejection (not because they are LGBTQ).  We urge Biola University, the Biola Counseling Center, and the Health Center to develop and implement guidelines and supportive protocols that take these identified risk factors into account, and respond according to the professional guidelines set forth by those organizations Biola currently collaborates with, such as the American Psychological Association.

We also know you can’t do this alone; you will need help. We don’t want to be your adversaries; we want to help. Let us help you. Let our voices from the LGBTQ community and allies be heard as you attempt to wrestle with these issues.

Concluding Words from the Biola LGBTQ Community and our Allies:

We are Biola.  We are part of this community, as current students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  We have formed great friendships here.  We spent years studying and learning about ourselves and God while at Biola.  We also carry the name of Biola with us on our resumes, publications, films, and other professional endeavors. And most importantly, we are smart, amazing people with much to contribute to the church, to society, and to the world.  Don’t devalue or dismiss us, because we are your brothers, sisters, and siblings in Christ, made in the Image of God, just like you.  We are a group of people who want to be supportive of all the LGBTQ students and alumni at Biola University.  We know that many of us as LGBTQ students and alumni experienced doubt, loneliness, and fear due to the university’s handling of LGBTQ issues, its current structural policies, and the campus climate toward us. So long as our Biola family is divided by cutting off the LGBTQ community, we cannot be one family. So long as one of us is burdened, we all are burdened together. Therefore, we stand unified in our expectation that Biola becomes a place of grace, affirmation, and respect for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. 



We—Alumni, Students, Faculty, and Staff—offer our signatures below in a spirit of faith, hope, and love.

Are you a member of the Biola community and want to stand with us in support and solidarity?

Click here to sign your name to the letter.

1952-2012 - Marlynn Strauss, Alum, Faculty wife, Ally, Mother of Queer daughter

1958-1959 - Richard Lord,  B.A.  Undergraduate, Alum, Gay

1961-1963 Marilyn Flaming Miller, (Finished elsewhere), Alum, Ally

1963 - James L. Miller, MA, Undergraduate, Alum, Straight

1976 - Ric Sanchez, B.A. Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences, Alum, Gay

1976 - Susan Scheibler, M.A. & B.A. Biblical Studies, Alum, Lesbian

1978-81 -Tracy McGinness-Morrow, B.S.  Sociology, (finished at SSU), Ally

1978 - Mark A. Strait, Dismissed,  General, Undergraduate, Gay 

1980 - Carole Anderson, Psychology,  Undergraduate, Alum, Ally

1980 - Rob Ehle, B.A.  English, Alum, Ally

1980 - Peter Herman, B.A.  Intercultural Studies, Alum,  Gay

1981 - Barry Weiss, B.A., Intercultural Studies,  Alum, Gay

1982  -Lynda Austin Richards, B.A Communications, Ally

1982 - Katie (Willhite) Brooks, B.A.,  Social Science, Ally, Parent of a gay child

1982-1983 - Linda D. Robertson, B.A. English, Alum, Parent of Biola Student, Ally 

1982-84 - John Westfall-Kwong,  Business, Undergrad,  Alum, Gay

1983 - Rev. Brenda Brown, B.S. Camping & Rec, Alumn, Lesbian, Queer, Clergy in UCC

1983-1999 - Sherwood Lingenfelter, Ph.D., Former Provost/ ICS Faculty, Ally, Loving Father

1985 to 1990 -  Carrie Marjorie Peirce, Ph.D. Community Studies, Former Faculty, Ally  

1986 - James Vellequette, B.A. Biblical Studies, Alum, Gay

1987 - Patrick L. Murphy, B.A.Communication, Alum, Gay

1988 -  Frederick Chu, Psy.D.  Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum

1988 -Joseph Haydock,  M.Div. Practical Theology, Talbot, Alum, Ally

1988 - Cheryl Koos, B.A.  History, Alum, Ally

1989 - Janice Hoffman, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Lesbian

1989 - Thomas Soule, B.A.  English, Alumnus, Gay

1990 - Howard Acosta, B.A.  Psychology, Alum, Gay, Male

1990 - Scott Cohen,  B.A.  Christian Ed, School of Education, Alum, Gay

1990 - Eugene Ko,  B.A. Humanities, Alum.

1990 - Cindy Spiva Evans, B.A. Communication, Alum, Ally

1991 - Brad Hallam, B.S.  Business Administration, Alumn, Gay 

1991 - Stephanie Miller,  B.A. Intercultural Studies, Alum, Ally

1991 - Felicity Stafford, Disability Studies,  Alum (finished elsewhere),  Ally

1992 - Marcos Gonzalez , B.A. Intercultural Studies, Alum

1992  - Mary Hernandez Spickler,  B.A. Liberal Studies- Elem Ed,  Alum,  Ally

1992 - Jill Karcher, M.A.  Clinical Psychology, Rosemead,  Alum, Ally

1992 - Chip Peck,  B.A. Public and Interpersonal Communication, Alum, Gay

1993 - Chris Hyde, M.Div. Pastoral Studies, Talbot School of Theology, Alum, Gay

1993-1994 - Christelle Jones, Mass Communications, School of Arts & Sciences, Alum

1994 - Robert Heckman, B.A.Political Science, Alum (not proud), Proud Ally

1995 - Ellie Brown, B.A. Psychology, Undergraduate, Alum, Ally

1995-1996 -  Gail Byas, Philosophy of Religion at Talbot, Alum, Lesbian

1995 - Deborah Garner, B.A.  Psychology,  Alum, Ally, Straight

1995 -Heather Fraser Hurtt , B.A. Psychology, Alum, Ally

1995 - Wade A. McNair, Psy.D. Rsmd, Faculty 2000- Pres., Ally, Fellow Human Being

1995 -  Rebecca Pearce, Psy.D., Clin. Psych; 1988 - B.A. Psych, Alum, Ally

1995 - Jennifer Nash, B.A. Psychology, Alum, Ally 

1996  - Natalie Cardenas, B.A. Sociology, Alum, Ally

1996 - Danny Cortez, M.Div. Pastoral Studies, Talbot School of Theology, Alum, Ally

1996 -  Lance Kayser, B.A.  English, Alum, Gay

1996-1999 - Jory M. Sandusky,  Marketing, Transferred, Alum, Gay

1997 - Rebecca Staton Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Ally

1997 - Jeremy Littau, B.A. Communication (Journalism emphasis), Alum, Ally

1997 - Jannean Stamatelatos Pisoni, B.A.Psychology,  Alum, Ally

1997 -  Karen Streeter, B.S. Art Therapy, School of Arts and Sciences, Alum, Ally

1998-2000 - Brendan Creecy, Christian Ed, Graduated Elsewhere, Alum, Gay 

1998 - Jennifer Fee, Psy.D, Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Ally 

1998 -  Larry Martin, B.A.Communication, Alum, Gay

1998 - Ponce, Alfred, B.S. BOLD, Undergraduate, Alum, Gay, Male

1999 - Jennifer Lafferty, Undergraduate, Alum, Ally

1999 -  Douglas R Herr, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Ally

1999 - Joseph Maioriello,  B.A. Sociology, Undergraduate, Alum, Gay

1999 - Theresa Stueland Kay, Ph.D. Clinical Psych; 1991 B. A,  Psychology,  Ally 

2000 - Christopher Bibby, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Ally

2000-2007 -  Jessica Fletcher-Fierro, Liberal Studies, Education, School of Educ.  

2000 -Brandi Nuse-Villegas,  B.S.  Studio Art,  Alum, Ally

2001 - Jennifer Lingenfelter, Psy.D.  Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Lesbian

2001 - Mary (Malkovic) Haire, B.A.  Psychology, Undergraduate, Alum, Ally 

2001 - Anney Tate Snyder. B.A. Sociology, Alum, Ally

2002 - Sara Burchfiel, B.A., Undergraduate, Alum, Ally

2002 - 2005 - Brian McKelvey, B.A. Film/Television/Radio

2003 - Kimberly Acedo, B.S.Physical Education, Alum, Lesbian

2003 - Dawn Hamilton, B.A.  Intercultural Studies, Torrey Honors Institute, Alum

2003-2006 - Alison Murphy, Radio, Film, and Television, Former Student, Ally

2003 -  Peter Yong, B.A.  Philosophy, THI, Alum

2004 - Sierra K. Briscoe, B.A. Journalism,  Undergraduate, Alum,  Queer

2004 - Jessica Hasson, B.A. Mass Communications, Ally          

2004 - Jeremy D Morris, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Ally

2004 - Heather Nations, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alumn, Ally

2004 - Donisha R. Quiller, B.A. Communication Disorders, Alumnus, Ally

2004 - Gloria Scott,  B.A.  Communications, Torrey Honors Institute, Alum, Ally, Bisexual

2005 - Joy Bustrum, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, 1996 - B.A., Psych, Ally

2005 - Corrie Galván, B.A. Intercultural Studies, Alum

2005 - Jimmy Kohles, B.A. Biblical Studies, Alum. Ally

2005 - Michael Leach Ph.D.  Clinical Psych; 1995 - B.A, Psych, Rosemead, Alum, Bisexual

2005 - Dana Scarborough, B.A. Film/Television/Radio, Love Filled Ally and Champion of Equality and Hugs  

2005 - Trenton Waterson, B.A. Film/Television/Radio: Media Management, Alum, Gay 

2006 - Andrew M. Bailey, Ph.D, M.A. B.A  Philosophy, THI, Alum, Ally

2006 - Amy Burdick, B.A. Communication Studies, Alum, Ally

2006 - Kathryn Dawson, B.A. Anthropology, Alum, Lesbian

2006 -  Heather Dodds, B.A. Journalism, Alum, Ally

2006 - Ryan T. Giffen, M.A. Organizational Leadership; 2002 - B.A. Social Science, Alum

2006 - Benjamin J. Logan, B.A. Philosophy, Alum, Ally

2006 - Libby Stokes, B.F.A.  Art, Undergraduate, Alum, Ally

2006 - Sunny Ware, B.A.Fine Arts, Alum, Ally

2006 - Justine White, B.A. Psychology & Sociology, Alum, Queer

2007 - Jaffrey Bagge, B.A, Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Alum, For equality

2007-2012 - Reid Bode,  Film/Television/Radio, Former Student, Ally

2007 - Sarah Busch-Fessenden, B.A.  Anthropology, Alum, Ally

2007 -  Rebecca Card-Hyatt, B.A.,  English, Torrey Honors Institute, Alumnus, Ally

2007 - Meghan Crawford,  Psy.D., Rosemead, Alum, Lesbian

2007 - Rebecca Henriksen, B.A., Music, B.S., Studio Art & , Alum, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Queer

2007 -  Kate Logan, B.A. Film Radio and TV Production, Alum, Ally

2007 - Gina Minard-Rivera, B.S. Organizational Leadership,  Alum, Lesbian

2007 - Laura Pedigo, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Ally  

2007 - Lindsay Phelps , B.A. Cinema and Media Arts, Alum, Ally

2007 - J.R. Uretsky, BFA Studio Art, School of Arts and Sciences, Queer

2007 - Lila Salas, B.A. Psychology, Alum, Ally

2007 - Christopher Siciliano, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead,  Alum, Ally

2007 - Samuel Smythe, BM Music Composition, Alum, Ally

2008 - Pablo Armendariz, B.A. CMA - Film Production, Alum, Gay

2008 -  Daniel Cashman, B.A.  Communication Studies, Alumn, Gay

2008 - Amy Rae Foss, B.A.Communications Interdisciplinary with Christian Ed., Alum

2008 -  Heather Himes, Psy.D, Clinical Psych;  B.A. Sociology, Alum, Genderqueer

2008 - Leif Jacobsen , B.A. Psychology, Torrey Honors, Alum, Ally

2008 - Margaret Jacobsen, Intercultural Studies, Ally

2008-2010 - Casey McCann, Humanities; Torrey Honors, Alum  

2008 - Jonah Nagashima, M.A.  Philosophy; 2006 B.A.  Biblical Studies, Alum, Ally

2008-Present, Lila Reggans,  Biola Parent

2008 - Brieanna (Radford) Smythe, B.F.A. Studio art, Alum, Ally

2008 - Samantha Soto (Frank) , B.A. Sociology, Undergraduate,  Alum

2008 - Lindsey Trozzo, M.A.  New Testament ; B.A. Biblical Studies,  Talbot, Ally

2008 - Tim Wells, B.A. Sociology, Undergraduate, Alum, Ally

2009-2013 - Russell Baldocchi , Philosophy, Undergraduate, Ally

2009 - Joshua Cojerean, B.A. Biblical & Theological Stud, Torrey Honors, Alum, Gay

2009  - Joshua James (Smith), B.A.  Radio, TV, Alumn, Former Employee, Gay

2009 - Matthew Jones, B.A. Cinema and Media Arts, Undergraduate, Alum     

2009 - Aaron Lewis, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Ally

2009 - Joshua Wolff, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Adjunct Faculty 2007-2008, Gay male

2009 - Ellen Miller Kwon, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum

 2009- 2011 - Favian J. Chavez, Finishing Elsewhere, Alum, Gay 

2010 - Diana Ali,  Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Ally

2010 - Jos Charles, B.M. Music Composition, Genderqueer, Queer

2010 - Judith Card, B.A. Anthropology, Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Alum

2010 - Anne Khalifeh, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead,   Alum,  Al

2010-2014 - James Lyman, Accounting, Crowell School of Business, Current Student, Ally

2010-2012- Natasha Magness, English, Sociology, Torrey Honors Institute, Lesbian

2010- Present, James Michael Paul Tilton, M.A. School of Education, Current Student

2010 - Christina Yanuaria, M.A.Applied linguistics, Inter Cultural Studies, Alum, Ally

2011 - Curtis Beckman,  B.S. Biology, Undergraduate, Alum, Gay

2011 - Anna R. Breuer, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosmead, Alum, Ally

2011 - Erin Conn, B.A. English Writing, Torrey Honors, Alum

2011 - Annie Cottrell,  B.A. Cinema and Media Arts, Undergraduate, Alum            

2011 - Robin Dembroff, B.A. Philosophy; Humanities; Torrey Honors, Alum

2011 - Frances Foster (Harbour) , B.A.  Sociology, Alum, Ally

2011 - Katy Herr, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead; 2003 - B.A., Alum, Bisexual

2011 - Kathryn Johnson, B.A., B.F.A. Art, English, Alum, Ally  

2012 - Glenn Cook,  B.S.  Philosophy, Alum,  Ally

2012 - Sarah Jurkiewicz, B.A., Alumnus, Ally

2012 - Lauren E. Maltby, Ph.D.  Rosemead School of Psychology, Alum,  Ally

2012 - Chauntae Richardson, B.A  Rosemead School of Psychology, Alum, Lesbian

2012 - Rebecca Scharpf,  B.A.  English, Alum, Ally

2012 - S. Sherry Shaw, Psy.D.  Clinical Psychology  Rosemead, Alum, Ally

2012 - Michael P Tavizon, B.A. English, Alum, Ally, Queer

2012 - Ryan VanderHelm, B.A.   English,  Alum, Bisexual, Female, Transgender

2012 - Miguel Angel Venegas, B.A.Psychology, Alum, Male

2012 - Corey VanHuystee, B.A. English: Literature; Political Science, Alum

2013 - Sarah Beckerle,  B.A. Sociology, School of Arts and Sciences, Alum, Ally

2013 - Jason Anthony Brown, B.A. Political Science, Alum, Queer

2013 - Scott Eckersall, MBA, Crowell School of Business,  Alum, Ally

2013 - Andrew Entzminger, B.A. Journalism and Integrated Media (Print), Ally

2013 - William Haggerty, B.S. Business Administration, Alum, Gay

2013 - Serrin F. Jarvi , M.A.  Rosemead School of Psychology, Current Student      

2013 - Dvora Kasdan, B.A. Humanities, Alum, Ally  

2013 - Ysabeau Kendall-Bell, Transferred in, Alum, Bisexual, Genderqueer

2013 - Kassandra Kirk,  M.A. Clinical Psychology; B.A., Current Student, Ally

2013  - Gavin Kirkwood ,B.A.  Communication Studies, Undergraduate Alumnus            

2013 - Andy Motz, B.A. Cinema and Media Arts, Alum, Ally

2013 - Raquel, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Current Student, Ally

2013 - Veronica Regueiro, M.A., M.A. Clinical Psychology, Rsmd, Current Student, Ally

2013 - Lindsey Robertson, M.A. Clinical Psych, Rosemead, Current Student, Ally

2013 - Atticus Shires,  B.A. Theatre (presently; ongoing) Current Student,  Ally

2013 - Lydia Wang (Ph.D.)  Rosemead School of Psychology - Current Student

2013 -  Christian Ortega, Current Student,  Male 


    Very Important Biola Connections

    Marta A. Alquijay, Ph.D., Proud partner of Rosemead Alum, Lesbian

    Rachael Berg-Martinez, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Rosemead, Alum, Ally

    Susan Cameron, Neighbor, Ally

    Hannah Caprara, Journalism, Ally - Current Student

    Alexis Fletes, M.A. Clinical Psychology,  Rosemead, Current Student, Ally

    Kelly Granger, Psy.D. Rosemead School of Psychology, Alum,  Ally 

    Genna Greiner, B.A. Communications. Current Student, Ally

    Matthew Groves,  B.A. Cinema and Media Arts, Alum

    Candice C. Hansard, B.A. Communication Studies

    Rachel Jallins, B.A. Sociology, Alum, Ally

    Jamie Jauriqui, Sister of Biola graduate, Ally

    Christine Johnson, B.A.   Alum

    Alex Luk,  B.A,  Crowell School of Business, Current Student, Ally  

    Maurel, Lisa, M.A,  Fuller Alum, Lesbian, Female

    Deana Minard-Rivera, B.S.  BOLD, Undergraduate, Alum

    Don Mueller, Sergeant - L. A. County Sheriff's Dept, Gay, Uncle to 2 nieces & 1 nephew (all recent grads of Biola)

    Susan Muller, Friend of Teri....         

    David Olsen,  Friend, Gay, Male

    Robert Lee Powell III , 2013 APU Student, B.S.Applied Exercise Science, Gay, Bisexual.

    Rob J Robertson, Biola/Rosemead Parent (2005 - Present), Ally 

    Samantha Robles, Other, Pansexual

    Michelle Rodriguez, School of Education, Alum, Ally

    Lynda Austin Richards, Parent, Ally

    Are you a member of the Biola community and want to stand with us in support and solidarity?

    Click here to sign your name to the letter.


    Are you a member of the Biola community and want to stand with us in support and solidarity? Click the link below to sign the letter.